Monday, February 5, 2018

Valentines Contest to Win $75 and 7 Books!

I'm a part of an amazing Valentines Giveaway to win $75 or these seven e-books:

Her life had just begun, but his had already ended.

When a socialite seeking refuge crosses paths
with a bad boy country music star, mud and sparks fly.

Can a new earl and a seasoned miss find true love
despite their families’ unforgivable feud?

He needs a promotion. She needs to stay in the country.

Dr. Riley Rogers needs her humanitarian project to be
successful, but when her hotshot billionaire investor
 shows up, nothing goes as planned.

After a marriage gone wrong, will Hunter ever be able
to trust his heart again? Mia Reynolds, a popular MyChannel
 video blogger, is determined to help him try.

Lexi Burke leaves behind her high-paying job and escapes to Kauai,
 but a new billionaire status may threaten her chance at love.

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