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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hearts in Peril Available!

It's no secret that I've been working the last few months on a writing project I'm really excited about, and today my book is out!

(Excuse me while I stare at this picture a little longer...)

I was contacted about a year ago by Gelato to see if I wanted to contribute to their Destination Billionaire Romance series. It sounded like a great project--with a bunch of talented authors already on board--and I was thrilled to sign my contract and be a part of this.

Time has flown since then, and I can't believe the book is written and out already! It's such a strange feeling to put a book out into the world and know that people are reading it. It's in parts very exciting and totally nerve wracking to share this with you all!

I wanted to write something that was fun, romantic, adventurous, and full of banter between the love interests--the exact kind of book I love to read.

Here's what it's about:

The last person Dr. Riley Rogers wants to meet is her absentee boss, Mr. Bachelor of the Year Dean Matthias. If his notorious reputation is close to true, his visit will only disrupt the peace she’s found caring for people at the humanitarian clinic. With every word, Dean confirms that his head is as big as his billboard. It will take all the manners of her Midwestern upbringing to play nice to the man who controls her contract.

After losing nearly everything to his backstabbing ex-fiance, Dean needs the Worldwide Care project to be a success to prove to the Matthias Foundation that he's not the irresponsible mess the media portrays him as. But from the moment the beautiful, headstrong Riley Rogers appears in his life, nothing goes as planned.

When Dean’s presence, and the lure of his wealth, draws out a local terrorist group, Dean and Riley are forced to flee into the wild Filipino jungle. Sparks of attraction fly between them, but if they don’t learn to trust each other—and themselves—they’ll never survive long enough to know if it’s love.

Right now it's available on Amazon for $2.99 (or free if you have Kindle Unlimited!)

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