Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don't Be Boring

My lovely grandmother reads more than any person I’ve ever met. She goes to the bookstore several times a week, and the people who work there often set aside all the new arrivals for her to buy when she comes in.

She always says that the best present in the world is a book she hasn’t read.

(See where I get my love of reading from? It’s genetic.)

I love to ask her about the books she’s read so she can filter out the fantastic books from the “meh” books for me, but lately she’s had one major complaint: She’s reading the same plotline over and over again, with nothing fresh or new added to it.

Or plots where nothing is happening except for characters talking and thinking all the time.

Or the stakes are too low, and she just doesn’t care.

Writing advice from an avid reader: Don’t be boring.

Make things happen
Have real conflict
Don’t always have your characters do the safe thing
Watch out for clichés
Turn a trope on its head
Be funny
Be real
Be interesting
Don’t play it safe
Don’t write the first thing that pops into your head
Raise the stakes

Make it matter.

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