Monday, August 5, 2013

First Day of School

I was one of those crazy nerd kids who LOVED school and couldn’t wait for summer to be over so I could go back.

The thing is, summer is fun and all, but I grew up in Arizona. I remember one summer, it was so hot that the bottoms of my Keds melted when I stepped into the street. We had a metal swing set in our backyard which was pretty much unusable from May until September. You can see heat waves coming up off the sidewalk and the news did (does) “heat advisories” against going outside.

So my sister and I (she’s younger than me by a couple years) spent our summers:

Watching Gilligan’s Island reruns, The Price is Right, I Dream of Genie, and Days of Our Lives.

Playing Barbies.


Reading. I read a TON. I remember getting angry because my mom would only take us to the library once a week, and my library card had a limit of 25 books. Yes. I wanted to read more than 25 books in a week. Side note: I also remember being angry that only one Babysitters Club book came out a month. What was wrong with that Ann lady? Couldn’t she chug out multiple books a week? Same anger toward the authors of the Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley University, and Nancy Drew books.

And homework. My mom made my sister and I do worksheets every morning. What’s funny about this is that we were always in the advanced learning programs at school, but I honestly don’t (and never did) feel smarter than most other kids. Sometimes I wonder if we just forgot less because Mom made us do schoolwork all summer, so we had a leg up on everyone else at the beginning of the year when they did all those placement exams. Or maybe it was those 25+ books a week I was reading.

Sending my kids back to school is bittersweet, but I absolutely love this time of year. And my kids also love going back to school.

Did you love the first day of school?


  1. The shopping part is real exciting...well, it was for my girls. Not so much for me. Don't like shopping much. But I, too, would read veraciously through the summer.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. I loved school, but I loved summer too. Of course, I didn't grow up in Arizona. I hear the heat can be horrible. ugh! And I read all the Babysitters Club books too! Loved them!

  3. My favorite part about summer was the reading programs that they did at the library.

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