Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reading for fun...?

It’s almost impossible for me to read solely for enjoyment because I am constantly analyzing the books I read.

If it’s good, I’m asking myself:

Why did I like that scene so much?
What kinds of things did the author do to make me feel for this character in such a strong way?
What specific writing techniques were employed in this chapter that made it stand out to me?
What made this an “un-put-downable” read?

If it’s bad, I analyze that as well.

I’m constantly asking myself: What worked in this book? What didn’t work in this book? Why?

I feel like I’m back in college and I need to write a paper on If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch and dissect what she did with her language, the POV, the plot, the characters, the symbols, everything that added up to me not being able to put it down.

Can you turn off writer-brain when you read?

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