Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wordy, wordy, wordison

I am not one of those people who ever worry about reaching word count.

Opposite, actually.

I have to worry about going too long.

Meg's Melody--originally 120K words. I had read somewhere that a romance should be between 90 and 120K words (I don't know where I read it, don't ask me) so of course I took that to be the gospel truth. I edited it down to 75K. It is so much tighter than it was--and I had to take out a whole plotline and character to get it down (which I still miss. Someday, he'll get his own book...)

Six Days of Christmas--We wanted each story to be around 20K words. Mine is almost 30K. And I had to cut out everything from Jimmy's point of view, because it would have been novel length otherwise.

And on my current WIP, I am trying to cut it down to 75-80K. It will happen, and my story will be better for it--but it's painful going through and picking out THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of the story--the parts that drive the plot and character arc forward--and let go of the rest.

Do you go over or under in word count when your write? (Or are you spot on every time? Please tell us your secrets, if you are!)


  1. I'm usually under my first draft.
    I'm outlining a novel for the first time, though, so I hope that will help me with subplots--that's where I'm usually lacking.

  2. Oh my goodness! That's awesome you could cut that all out. At least you're not trying to come up with ideas to fill the book :)


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