Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So, So Close

I seriously don’t know what my problem is, but this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I write a book. I get to the very end, and I can’t focus.

I find a million things that HAVE to be done.

 Right this very second.

Like scraping off the dried-on Honey Nut Cheerio that’s been stuck to the tile under my couch for about three months. Or organizing all of my Kindle books into collections. Or cleaning out our Harry Potter closet full of a mish mash of camping gear, swimming equipment, toys that are in long-term “time out,” diapers of all sizes (seriously, I’ve been hoarding diapers for years, apparently) and more give-away bags that I care to admit I own.

And those are just the non-essential tasks of yesterday and today.

So tonight, I sat down and said to myself: You WILL finish this book. Tonight. NO American Idol. NO surfing Amazon for another new book to read. NO calling Mom, Dad, either sisters, bestie from high school, friend down the street that I’ve already talked to like ten times today, husband who is just in the other room (also working.)

I guess I am just not firm enough with myself, because somehow, instead of writing, I am listening to Curious George on (I unwisely let my 3yo take a five hour nap this afternoon, so we’ll probably be up all night long watching this stuff) and updating my blog. Oh, and checking Twitter and FB.

By the way, the rest of the book I’m whining about is written. And I’ve gone through it twice already to do my edits. And I still haven’t written the last couple of scenes. I have them outlined. I have them imagined. I’ve known exactly how this book will end since I first started writing it. And yet… *crickets chirping* (that’s the sound in my brain when I sit down to write)

Where are you at in your manuscript? Do you stall on endings or breeze through them?


  1. LOL. Oh girl, that is exactly what happens to me! HA! I'm so glad I'm not alone. But I know you can do it. Turn the volume down on Curious George just enough so your son can hear it but you can do your work! I know you can do it!

    And thanks for your awesome comment on my blog :)

  2. You're hilarious, Kaylee.

    I get frantic near the end. For me, it's those really hard chapters just BEFORE the end that get me. I take a pause break from the book then, but my ending is almost always already written b/c I'm crazy like that ;-)

    PS - You should go check out Steph's post today. SO good.

  3. Aww, LOL. I feel ya! I'm at the front half and I'm doing exactly what you're doing. Although, mine involves lots and lots of facebook. I've decided to change my title to Professional Procrastinator, but then someone warned me I may have a hard time finishing things in that position... True. Tough call. Huh.

    My cousin once told me that every time she had a paper due, her house was never cleaner. Lol, sounds like we aren't the only ones. Have hope!

  4. I think part of my trouble with writing endings is that I don't want the book to be over because it's been so fun to write. Also, I dread starting a new project. I always feel like my next book could never possibly be as good. Of course, that's wrong because the more we write, the better we get.

  5. For me, when I wrote my first draft, I had no problems writing the ending. I knew exactly what it was going to be and was really excited to write it all down. It's the middle part that I have trouble with. I sit down thinking, "I'm going to write out a chapter today!" And three minutes later I'm on Pinterest looking at yummy desserts. (Mmm...Cookies!) So, I completely understand. Just...for a different part of the book. haha


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