Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Overlooked Thankfuls

When I say my prayers, I always remember to thank God for my kids, my husband, my home, the food we eat, the talents we have, our health, my awesome friends, modern medicine, the opportunities we have, my country, etc. I repeat these things probably two or three times a day. I'm not trying to be repetitive--I am just abundantly grateful for the most important things that I have.

But there is a list of overlooked thankfuls. Things that I might think of as my day goes by--that I would have a really difficult time living without--but that don't make it into the nightly prayers.

1) Scented candles. I have four kids--two in diapers. Plus, with the smelly sweat of kids that love to run around outside and having three boys, I need my cinnamon candle burning all day long.

2) Mickey Mouse Club House. Without that half-an-hour of entertainment for my three year old, I'm not sure when my dishes would get done.

3) Google. How did I live without it. My son accidentally broke the Z key on my laptop, and all I had to do was search "Replacement Z keys" and found a place that sold them and got it sent out the next day. I accidentally ordered the wrong one, so it doesn't fit, but that was my fault, not theirs.

4) Chocolate chip cookies. I  make them about once a week. There is nothing healthy about this. (Sometimes I add oats and call them healthy, but we all know that for the lie it is). But it makes my family very happy, which makes me happy, too.

5)My son's iPad. He's finally able to start communicating with us through an app that was developed for the use of people with special needs who have a hard time speaking. He's still learning on it, but we LOVE it.

6) Marshmallows. I don't know if my daughter would be potty trained without them.

7) Disposable diapers. Enough said.

8) The cologne my husband wears. He's been wearing the same kind since we were dating and he only wears it when we go out on dates. I just want to snuggle in close every time he has it on.

9) Unlimited minutes on my cell phone for other people that use T-Mobile. I know this is really specific, but I talk a lot on the phone and I talk a lot to my family, and this habit could cost us a fortune. I've convinced most of my family to switch over and now I can call them any time and talk as long as I want...

10) Really good books with amazing stories that are impossible to put down. Finishing a good book is one of my favorite feelings.

What are some of your overlooked thankfuls?


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