Monday, October 22, 2012

A Contemptible Affection by Ranee S. Clark

Ranee has a new Regency out that I, ahem, got the chance to read before almost anyone. And I loved it. So now that it's available on Amazon, I snagged Ranee for an interview so you can learn more about her book and her.

Here's the cover:

Beautiful right? I really want that dress even though its pure whiteness would last all of two seconds in my house.

Ranee! I'm so happy to have you here on my blog. Tell us a little bit about your book.
A CONTEMPTIBLE AFFECTION is a Regency romance novella about an heiress who is spurned by her childhood sweetheart the season before, and now she's intent on staying very far away -- despite his intent to win her back.

Love childhood sweethearts. *sigh* Where did you get the idea from?
The idea came from a line in a Georgette Heyer novel. I can't remember the exact line, but I know the circumstances were that this young man had always intended to marry the heroine. They don't end up together, but of course, it got me thinking about what if ... and then Iris and Dersingham's story came to be and it ended up wildly different than I imagined.

Yes, that happens sometimes. It seems like characters can take on lives of their own. Are you an outliner or a pantser?
I used to be mostly a pantser -- I'd have four or five plot points to work towards and would know the ending. But, as I've grown as a writer, I realize now that doesn't work. My early stuff lacks good pace and I'm ending up having to go back and rearrange stuff, which is such a pain. So now I'm definitely more of an outliner.

I know you are a mom, too. When do you find time to write?
Right now I'm lucky enough to have a 4yo at home who still naps about three hours every day, so that's when I do most of my writing. I also have my desk in the kitchen, so if he's occupied during the day, I'll snatch 10 to 20 minutes of writing time. I know it's not ideal, but it works for me. Evenings are for my family and my husband, so for now, I don't write at night. And if I got up at 5 am to write, so would my 4yo, which would make for a CRAZY day! I know someday that will have to change, but for now, where I am in my writing, it works.

Naps. LOVE naps. Do you have a favorite book about writing?
I don't read a lot of writing books -- perhaps I should! So, no, I don't have a favorite.

What is the best advice you can give authors?
The best advice actually comes from my editing life rather than my writing life (but a little of both, since I can see both sides now). First, find a critique partner you trust. Second, trust them. One of the things that I see a lot is me asking a question in an MS and the writer explaining to me why they don't need to clarify. Nine times out of ten, if the question is being asked, you're not getting the point across you thought you were. So when your CP's and readers ask about something you think is obvious, go back and take a good hard look at it. I had to do that with your (Kaylee's) questions when you did the crit on A CONTEMPTIBLE AFFECTION, as well as with what other readers thought. 

It was fun critiquing for you. Do you have any projects you're working on now you'd like to tease us with? 
Right now I'm working on something totally different for me and also very fun. It's a contemporary LDS romance about a famous college football player (Think Jimmer Ferdette, but football) and the girl who goes to great lengths to win him over. I really like it, but I've just started revisions, so who knows how long that will last!

That sounds so good. Thanks for stopping by.

Here are a few places you can catch up with Ranee:

And you can buy A Contemptible Affection at Amazon and Smashwords.

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  1. I love the title! Very cool premise. I often reflect on this theme. I wonder what life would have been like if my high school boyfriend (who I thought I was going to marry) hadn't kicked me to the curb!


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