Friday, January 13, 2012

I Married a Crazy

Actually, I married a really great guy.

Look, here he is:
Note the strategically placed arm over my pregnant belly.
Also, we are not pained to be that close together, we are pained by
 the piercing AZ sun in our eyes.
And here he is again...

This is Washington crossing the Deleware portrayed by Jeremy.

He's smart, good looking, fun, and super sweet. I seriously love this guy.

But he's still kind of crazy.

Tomorrow he's running in something called The Tough Mudder. Basically, it's a military style course that goes about 12 miles and includes various obsticals like walls to climb, ropes to cross, mud pits to jump into, tubes to crawl through, fire to run through, and live wires they have to run through and get mildly electrocted at the end. Fun, right?

Except, he keeps showing me these vidoes of the course and in the background, there're people being loaded onto stretchers or having medics attending them, or bleeding from various parts of their bodies. He thinks it's awesome. I think I'm going to start praying now.

You may or may not recall my 5K mud run (mis)adventure, so you can see why I don't get this. I had to sign a waiver just to be a spectator at the Tough Mudder!

I'm actually really proud of him and all of the hard work that's gone into him training for this race even if I am a little worried.

Wish him luck!


  1. Holy cow! I hope he doesn't get carried away in a stretcher! Sounds fun though... in a crazy sort of way... Good luck to him AND you! :)

  2. That's one brave man! I hope he has fun and that no one gets hurt. : )

  3. My adorable little 22 yr old niece did a mudder in Colorado last year, first I'd ever heard of such a thing. I was filled with admiration, pride, and thoughts of scheduling an appointment for her with a good shrink!

  4. Cute, but crazy.

    Too funny. At least it'll be a nice distraction, huh??
    And Kaylee, pregnant bellies are CUTE.

  5. Crazy, but it sounds like a TON of fun.


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