Tuesday, August 23, 2011

See anything missing?

Look at the bears closely. Now do you see it?

The eyes.

I crocheted this afghan for my four year old—just finished it about a month ago, actually. It took me a year and a half to finish. Well, almost finish.

The eyes are a pain. They are supposed to be French knots, so I had a friend come and teach me how to tie French knots. I did an experimental bear, and 2/3 of my children had pulled the eyes out in less than five minutes.

Buttons: My kids would choke. The odds just swing that way for us.
Yarn Xs: The bears looked dead. It was totally morbid.
Yarn circles: a huge pain—they looked more like squares and were funky.
Felt circles: Not sure how I’d attach them so they don’t fall off.

I don’t have a ton of motivation to figure it out. My son doesn’t care. He loves it without the eyes. He’s been waiting 18 months for this blanket. He’s just excited to have it. So in my book, it’s done. He’s happy. I’m happy-ish. Moving on to the next blanket (a lion blanket) for my six-year-old.

I am not this blasĂ© in all areas of my life. Maybe I’m just sick of this afghan or maybe my son’s excitement outweighed any OCD perfectionism tendencies that I might have had about it. I know with my writing, I always try to curb my tendency to lean toward perfectionism. I don’t want to perfectionize the voice right out of my writing. I go through and want to make sure all of my scenes have their “eyes” in place, but sometimes it’s the lack of eyes that makes something interesting.

And sometimes we just tell ourselves that when we’re feeling lazy. J

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to life? To writing?


  1. THe blanket is beautiful. I tried knitting, just couldn't get it, I didn't enjoy it. Now sewing? love it, wish I have time to do more. Especially now that I have a new sewing machine. That is a story- I really need to blog about that one! LOL

  2. I think I used to be more of a perfectionist in general things than I am now. Having kids kind of makes it not so worth it, you know? They don't care, and to care yourself is SO MUCH MORE WORK. But in writing? Total perfectionist.

    And the blanket is BEYOND AWESOME just as it is.

  3. I heard that master quilters often sew in a little "mistake" just to make that quilt unique.

    I think it's great the way it is. I tend to be less of a perfectionist the older I get and more kids I have. And yes, for me, it might very well be laziness too.

  4. I am so far from a perfectionist that it's not funny. LOL. Love the blanket!

  5. Neither.

    If that blanket was my project? It would have one row of eyeless bears and would be worn around my neck, lol.

    My problem is that I'll finish, and I'll think - okay, it's good.

    It's really hard for me to get to the point where I'm ready to give EACH and EVERY page the individual attention it needs.

  6. LOL to Jolene's comment! :D I have a hard time going over every single page as well. But it has to be done sooner or later, you know?

  7. The blanket looks amazing! Andrew says the bears are sleeping. :) It's more complicated than anything I've attempted. I'm really good at single colored blankets. :)


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