Thursday, August 11, 2011

It Is Really, Really Hot

My air conditioner broke today and the guy can't come out until tomorrow.

It is hot in my house.

Really, really hot.

Like I'm blogging at 11pm because it's too hot to sleep, hot.

Like I'm emailing all of my writing friends at 11pm to see if they are awake also, hot. (Because, let's face it, writers keep really weird hours and are probably the only people I know who stay up really late on week nights.)

I really wanted to work on my wip tonight, but kept getting distracted. Emails from friends, two separate school functions, broken air conditioning units, phone calls from two different family members and a friend (a saint friend who made me dinner.)

And I'm at this really great place in my wip that I'm really excited to write and where all the fun stuff and kissing (yes, kissing) is about to happen, and I can not find time to sit at the computer and write (well, except this blog post...)

Do you ever have those days when you are dying to work on something, but just can't seem to make it to the computer?

Or can you just send cool thoughts my way to make up for the broken a/c?


  1. I have lots of those days where I am easily distracted from my WIP. Good luck with the A/C. My suggestion? Go find a lake/pool.

  2. Oh, distractions. They never really go away, do they? :) And I love writing kissing scenes. And reading them. Good luck with the air conditioner! That sucks. I'd go spray myself with a hose! :) Not as fun as jumping in a lake though...

  3. Yes! This happens to me so often. I'm at the computer, but just can't open the WiP even though I want to! I am hoping now that my oldest is back in school it will be easier.

    Hope the AC is fixed!

  4. I want to read more of your writing! Especially if there is kissing:) Saw your hubby today...wish you could come out too!

  5. 50 degrees and rainy out. Does that help ya??

    And I'm honored to be one of the friends who got a late night too hot to sleep email ;D


  6. It HAS been horribly hot! I just wish it would rain already. We don't have air conditioning. We have a swamp cooler--which means we boil in our own juices all summer...sigh.

    As for distractions...I'm reading blogs instead of getting Jack in trouble...;o) Maybe I should go do that before the REAL distractions finally haul their carcasses out of bed.


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