Friday, August 19, 2011

For the Love of Contemporary

A few weeks ago, my friend Jolene Perry told me about this really fun, super ambitious project that her and Kelley Vitollo were working on: A blog dedicated completely to contemporary YA fiction.

I love contemporary YA.

So when Jolene and Kelley asked me if I wanted to be a part of their new blog, I was seriously excited. Probably too excited. In fact, it’s amazing Kelley hasn’t blocked me from the group email based on the long, mostly irrelevant emails I’ve been sending (Jolene is used to these, so I’m sure it doesn’t faze her.)

But I guess they’re okay with my tendency to say a short story long, because Jolene, Kelley, Stephanie Campbell, Kelley York, and I have been cranking away, setting up a lot of really cool things:

Interviews and guest posts from Sarah Ockler, Tara Kelley and more
Giveaways (first one in September)
Fab indie book reviews
Reviews of any YA contemp we can get our hands on and just love
Lots of teen participation (reviews, stories, guest posts)
Our favorite literary crushes
Delving into social issues
And so much more!! This has been a seriously fun project to be involved with.

The official launch is September 1st and we are going to be giving away loads of YA books.

So come here, check it out, and become a follower.


  1. I followed the new blog...but how do I use the button? I suck at this. Isnt there usually html?

  2. Jessie--I am not technologically inclined, so I can only tell you how I do it, and then other people will hopefully comment here and tell us the correct way to do it.

    #1 Save it as a pic and then attach

    or #2. Click on my button and there should be a web address associated with it, then just put the web address for the attachment.

    I don't really know much about html :/

    Thanks for following!!

  3. Your emails aren't irrelevant.

    They're HILARIOUS!!

    Also - we're ECSTATIC that you're in :D

  4. Yay! I love our blog and so happy you're a part of it!


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