Thursday, July 14, 2011

In which I have delusions about my abilities

Cabin fever.

We have a serious case of it over here at the Baldwin home.

It is over 100 degrees outside with the relentlessly bright sun killing everything in our yard, and me and my three extremely fair skinned children can't go out in that without paying a price.

So I took them to McDonalds last week to play in the indoor playplace. My oldest set off the alarm, tried to do it two more times, threw his shoes at people, knocked trays off the table, tried to run off, the decided to top it all of by screaming, screaming, screaming, until I could gather his scattered shoes, my other kids and their shoes, and drag all three out to the car (fyi, people glare at you if your kids decide to go limp on said walk and you literally drag them a few feet until they stand up--using their perfectly healthy legs God gave them for a reason). I think people actually cheered when we left.

So McDonald's is out for the rest of summer.

And pretty much any public place, since I want to keep my sanity.

So a friend of mine suggested we set up a tent in the house for the kids to play in. Great idea. Awesome idea, in fact.

And, although I'm not a camper, my husband is, so we have seven tents, I believe. (Don't ask me why a family of five that has only gone camping together TWICE has seven tents.) I picked the red one because I like the color red, and started to set it up.

What followed was the most frustrating venture with a tent that has four stupid poles that I had to stretch out and put in the right holes and then keep the tent from collapsing. Right when I was in the middle of the most frustrating part (where if I were a swearing kind of gal, there would have been words flying) my little sister called.

When I told her what I was doing, she just laughed and laughed and asked me, "Kaylee, do you not remember that you are not a camper."

"You shouldn't have to be a camper to know how to put up a tent," I replied, holding the phone between my ear and my shoulder because I was still trying to keep the stupid tent up (my kids had prematurely crawled inside of it, so I couldn't let it collapse.)

I finally ghetto-rigged it up (really, it was more "up-ish," but I was done.) My husband took one look at it when he got home and just started laughing. He then pulled it apart (saying, "How in the heck did you get the poles to go like this?) and showed me how to do it. Then informed me that I picked the hardest tent we have to set up. That's what I get for choosing because of color.

So my kids had fun and that's all that really matters.

We still have three and a half weeks of summer and I want us to have FUN!

Do you have any fun, indoor activity ideas I can do with my children?


  1. How do you only have three and a half weeks of summer left? Do you start school really early? We have seven and a half.

    I have a whole calendar of fun things, but they're almost all outside. Sorry! Good luck. And just so you know you're not the only glared at mother in McDonalds, my second oldest barfed in there the other day. Should have seen those glares!

  2. Ahhhhh, I had a few "McDonald's Days" myself last week. Holy crap, I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide and deny that my offspring were actually *mine*. I was getting murderous looks from people.

    FYI...I have a great pop-up tent that's pretty roomy. I got it from Toys-R-Us. It even comes with little fold-up tunnels that you can attach to the tents door and stuff. My girls love it and it always seems to brighten up a rainy day.

    Better luck in the next few weeks!

  3. Maggie--School got out in the middle of May here, so we start back up the first week of August. It's nice.

    I love that you both have McDonalds horror stories! Maybe we're all normal after all...

  4. Ummm set up a tent?? lol.
    But no red tents.
    Those are a pain.

    I get those paper rolls? Like butcher paper, or there are some printers that need large rolls. We stretch the roll of paper from one end of the room to the other, and then pick a spot and color.

    IF you're worried about mess - there's these really cool markers that are dots.

    You can smash those things pretty hard and we make letters and numbers with our "dots" markers.

    You didn't want me to suggest something non-messy did you?
    Cause I haven't found one of those things yet.

    Good luck surviving summer.

  5. Haha, being the little sister who called during this event, I have to comment that it was hilarious when I talked to you that day. Haha good times. :)

  6. Kaylee- the first idea that popped into my head is fun, sticking, yummy and messier than Jolene's- finger painting with jello pudding. My kids LOVED it when they were little. Sorry- probably not practical right now, unless you do it in the tub.


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