Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Email Obsession

I just discovered this interesting little feature on gmail. Down in the very bottom right corner there is a tab that says: Last Account Activity: Details (and you can click on the details link). I'm sure this feature is to make sure you haven't been hacked or that other people aren't getting into your email.

Not mine. It shows that I logged in all at the same computer. And these are my log in times:

Jul 6 (18 hours ago)
Jul 6 (18 hours ago)
Jul 6 (17 hours ago)
Jul 6 (16 hours ago)
Jul 6 (15 hours ago)
Jul 6 (15 hours ago)
Jul 6 (11 hours ago)
**then I must have gone to bed**
Jul 7 (1.5 hours ago)
Jul 7 (58 min ago)
Jul 7 (0 min ago)

I'd label this a wake-up call for my obsession for checking my email, but I already knew I had a problem. I can't walk past my computer without logging in and checking my inbox. I guess that's what happens when you're querying and waiting to hear back from agents!

How often do you check your email?


  1. I will definitely NOT be pressing that button because I don't want to know the truth. Probably several times an hour right now for me (because I am also querying), but when I'm not querying (will that day ever come) it is less but still several times a day.

  2. That's really funny. I'm ashamed to admit that I probably log on more frequently than that. Damn iPhone is so tempting, I can't resist....

  3. Yeah, I'm still in the dark ages of the flip phone with no internet, so whenever I'm away I can't check. :)

  4. Several times an hour? That's it?
    You're not even on the SCALE of crazy yet, lol.

    On the week I was waiting to hear from agents (when they were all reading really fast) I wasn't able to go more than a couple of MINUTES without checking. Seriously. Disturbed.

    I have decided that I'm not ALLOWING myself to get a phone where I can check email, or twitter, or any of that.

    If something big's happening, I'll get a text OR I'll take the iPad from the husband for a day so I can check mail. But I would check it CONSTANTLY! Sometimes I leave the house and take the kids to the park JUST SO I WON'T CHECK EMAIL.

    Yep. I have a problem...

  5. Ha ha-- Hmm. . . I check my e-mail almost every day. I went 5 days without checking my e-mail -- wow! Mine showed 4 different computers that I logged into in the last few weeks. I can account for 3 of the computers, but I'm having a difficult time placing the fourth.

  6. Wait. You actually log OFF? Uh... I don't even do that. I open gmail in the morning when I wake up and it's always open until I go to bed. And even then I have my phone...

  7. Oh, man. I don't think I could look at mine either... I actually don't even log out half the time. It saves a step and I end up checking my e-mail MORE often! lol ;)


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