Thursday, June 2, 2011

What is scarier than submitting to an agent?

Having teenagers read the skit you wrote for them to perform at church camp.

Not kidding. I am the girls camp director for my ward and part of my duty is to get a 8-10 minute skit for them to act out on skit night. So instead of googling a previously written skit, I got an idea that I really liked, so I wrote the skit for them. I loved the finished product, but when it came time for me to print out copies of it to give to the girls for practice, I started freaking out a little.

What if they don't like it?
What if they mock it?
What if they don't want to do it?

Since I only had minutes to print out the skit and get to my meeting, I didn't have time to back out at this point, and just took what I had. I gave it to the girls and told them that they could ad lib in any [appropriate] way that they wanted (this is church camp, after all). And the result? Hilarious. These girls are so funny and fun and positive, and they were awesome in the skit. Sure, it's not the rap we did last year, but we've gotta mix things up now and then (although, one of the girls--the villain--did say her lines as a rap and it was perfect.)

I think it's scarier having people I know read something I've written than having complete strangers read it. If strangers reject me, whatev. Yes, I'm bummed when I get rejected, but I never have to see the rejecter. So I get rejected once and move on. With people I know, I have to see them at church, the pool, the grocery store, our kids' schools, always remembering....
How do you feel about sharing your writing with people you know?


  1. It's SO SO weird.

    It was terrifying when I printed out my first book to give to my friend.

    And then when my mom read one (Joy) that really freaked me out.

    She also read an adult (shelved) that had a sex scene in it and that was so, so, so awkward.


  2. Wow, that would be nerve wracking. Teenagers are scary!

    I was a journalist so I've been used to people reading my bylines for years, fiction was a little harder for me though.

    But then I discovered how much my writing improves from reader feedback, so I had to swallow that nervousness and pass my writing to others. It has been so helpful!

  3. Kaylee u shouldnt have been scared we always love the things u come up with :) i love our skit


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