Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Patience

My computer is driving me INSANE!!!!
It is taking forever to load pages, open files, search on google, get into blogger. And forget trying to comment on people's blogs.

Then last night--Word froze up on me, and of course I hadn't saved in an hour, and I lost a lot of what I'd written. Without auto recovery, my computer would probably be in a very sad place right now.

I can feel my heart-rate skyrocketing to unhealthy proportions this afternoon waiting for my computer to load things, so I decided to time myself and see how long I could go wait for page to load without getting antsy.

Five seconds.

After that, I could barely go another five seconds (so ten seconds total of waiting for a page to load) before giving up and exiting out completely. Sad, but true.

Now to begin the campaign to convince the hubs that a new computer is a necessity.


  1. I hope it starts working for you! Or you can get your hubby on board to buy you a new one! ;)

  2. My old laptop lost five pages I had written. I walked into where my husband was watching a movie and was like - I'm SO not putting up with this.

    WAY too nerve-wracking!

    They're just not as expensive as they used to be.

  3. Sounds like it's time for a new PC or laptop. Personally I leave mine on sleep when not in use. Actually my husband does, but it starts up a lot faster that way. Just leave it plugged in to the battery doesn't die.


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