Monday, June 13, 2011

Jumping Back to High School

Not literally (although my ten year reunion is this year, so I will be back shortly) but I mean with my reading.

I read way many more young adult books now than I did when I was in high school. I read a ton, then, but it was always adult books that I stole off of my mom's bookshelf.

Recently, I had a conversation with a few friends about  books they read in high school, and of course the conversation turned to what we all had to read in out English classes. I realized that my English classes must have been reading some interesting things (AP, nuff said), so I hadn't read a lot of the "normal" classics that weren't touched in my college English courses (the many, many that I took.)

So my quest is to read all those classics from high school English that I never read while actually in high school. I just read A Tale of Two Cities for the first time (loved it, although a little wordy, but what did I expect with Dickens?) And now I'm reading 1984.

Did you read YA in high school?
What other classic suggestions do you have for me that you read in high school?


  1. I have to admit my favorite book I was forced to read in high school and glad I did was A Separate Piece.

  2. In high school I thought I was way too cool for YA books. I read some I borrowed from friends, but I read a lot of classics in high school - and a lot of Stephen King.

    Hated 1984 - it sort of loses its impact with the way the world is now. It was hard for me to envision that as really scary, we're used to being watched and listened to or whatever.
    The Witch of Blackbird Pond was one of my favs from high school, I downloaded it to my kindle and I wonder if it's really weird, or if it'll be as good as I remember?

  3. I'm embarrassed to admit that I barely read in high school-though I did read a lot of MG books when I was little. (I was the "go to parties" and "hang out with friends" sort of teen, lol.)
    And have fun reading those classics! :D

  4. My school-assigned reading also included A Tale of Two Cities. God, how I love that book! I also remember reading Rebecca and loving it (gothic romance/mystery classic). And some junk by William Faulkner that I think you needed a PhD to decipher. (Apologies to the literary lovers of Faulkner out there but it just didn't work for me.)

    On my own, I was a huge fan of Christopher Pike and Stephen King. I couldn't make eye contact with my cat for weeks after reading Pet Cemetery.

  5. I have never read a Stephen King book (the movie the shining scared me so bad, I still think about it sometimes when I'm alone in the house). I should try one,though.

    Yes, Faulker, had to read in college, not my fav.

    I bought Rebecca, am now moving it up the tbr list.

    I'll have to look up a Seperate Piece.

    I love reading (and talking books with people) And I was just as much of a nerd back in hs. :)

  6. Loved Catcher In The Rye although I think my thoughts might be different on it now that I'm a real adult and not a "young" adult.

  7. I just can't seem to "grow up". I've almost always read YA, and besides LDS Fiction I only read YA because it keeps the peace in my mind :)

    We read Frankenstein in AP English and I really enjoyed it, but the others I could have cared less about :)


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