Saturday, June 11, 2011

I heart my Kindle


New reason #1-- Maybe I'm seriously behind the times here, but did you know that you can loan out books on your Kindle? I went to the Manage My Kindle page to clean up my library and noticed the "Loan this book" tab. Not all books are available for loan, but most of mine were. And one of my best friends just got a Kindle for her B-day, so now we can loan our books to each other instead of me just giving her my Kindle for a week (I really trust this girl, but missed my Kindle when she had it)

New reason #2--I went to Net Galleys (check this site out if you review books, it is awesome) yesterday to get an arc of a book I was asked to review, and they sent it right to my Kindle. And it turned out to be an awesome book that I stayed up past midnight to finish. I'll be a part of a blog tour in about a month, so look for my review.


  1. Oh. I totally have a kindle post planned.
    THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME HOW TO SHARE BOOKS!! - Guess who else you can share with...

    Let me know when you want something good. I think I' up to somewhere around fifty books on mine.

    LOVE it :D

  2. I've really been considering a Kindle, but I LOVE holding a book and turning pages. I would probably use it mainly for buying/borrowing books I want to read that I don't necessarily want to find room on my shelf for. Do you still plan to buy hard copies of your favorite books or has that need disappeared now that you have your Kindle?

  3. I do still buy hard copies of some books. If I know that my non-kindle-owning mom and sisters will want to read it, I'll usually buy a hard copy. Also, I love (in a major way) the used bookstore in Tucson and can't resist buying at least one book every time I go. For the most part, though, I buy on my Kindle. I have so many books that I've filled all our bookshelves and have had to start stacking them by my bed--which is kind of a booby trap when I don't have my contacts in. You get used to clicking and I get my fill of turning pages from my library books. :) I love so far away from a bookstore (unless the book aisle in our grocery store counts)that it's nice not to have to drive for forty minutes to buy a book.

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