Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How I find time to write

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I find time to write with my three kids and church stuff I usually have going on. Sometimes I stay up really late, get a babysitter for a few hours, convince my husband to play Mr. Mom on the weekends, but those things don't happen very often. Instead, I have to find little chunks of time throughout my week, which means giving up something else that used to fill that time.

A few things I’ve had to give up so I have time to write...

  1. Television.*
  2. Folding Laundry. Really, why does it need to be folded, if we are just going to wear it within a couple of days anyway?
  3. Scrapbooking. Thank goodness for digital albums, or else my kids pics would still be on a roll of film in a box somewhere, I’m sure.
  4. Most of my hobbies. I have been working on an afghan for two years, I have two quilt tops done that need batting and backing and tying, and a Welcome Bear I’ve been painting outfits to go with each month—still have a few outfits left to paint. I work on a little bit every time I get a chance, but at this rate, it’s going to be another couple of years before I’m finished with any of them.**
  5. Exercising at the gym. I go for a walk every morning to get out of the house and see my friends/walking buddies, but I’ve given up going to the gym I’m already paying for with my HOA fees. The only time I could get down there without kids is in the evening and that is prime writing time.
  6. Naps.
 *Except for Bachelor/ette because everyone needs some veg time in the week
**Since I only work on these things while I'm watching Bachelor/ette--heaven forbid I just sit and relax. :)

The next question... Is it worth it? YES!

Are there things you've had to give up in order to find time to write?


  1. ditto, ditto, and ditto.

    I still find time for some sewing, but yeah, digital with photos all the way. Now that my daughter is getting better on her bike - my runs are sometimes done with her, which is nice. So yeah, my house isn't as clean as I'd like, my brain is a little more muddled than I'd like, but I'm okay with that.

  2. Movies, except the prime date time with my hubby. Of course, I pass off grocery shopping whenever I can. My garden is one thing I will not forgo, but basically, I'd be happy to write, garden eat and sleep.

  3. Kaylee, when people ask me "where do you find the time?" sometimes I want to scream! I feel like they are secretly asking "do you neglect your kids" or "do you have the TV babysit your children"?
    I say we MAKE time for the things that are important to us. I write from 5-7 in the morning and any other time I get little tidbits of time.
    Things I don't do: cook anything that takes longer than 15 minutes prep time; deep clean very often; garden; or do PTO, or city council or things like that. Those things simply aren't important to ME (although they are great things for other people to do!)


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