Friday, June 17, 2011

Documents Galore

While saving my writing yesterday, I noticed that I have a lot of documents for each book that I write. This wasn't a new revelation, since I save something to those folders almost everyday, but I started scrolling through my folders and just realized there were a ton. Maybe more than one person should have for one book (or maybe it's normal, IDK.)

I think my husband's engineering ways are starting to rub off on me, because I decided to add them all up and see how many saved documents I have for each of my finished books (stalling, anyone?) I stopped short of making a pie chart of the results even though I knew it would've made him proud.

For Meg's Melody:
48 documents

For Falling:
67 documents

Document titles include:
Alternate beginnings 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Element of Blank (the original title) installments 1-7 (when I was sending sections to my mom as I wrote them—that way she’d keep asking for more, so I had to keep writing in a timely manner)

Queries 1-8

Synopsis 1 and 2

TBI outtakes (TBI=traumatic brain injury--from before I’d even titled the story)

TBI treatment, information, interviews

And all of the critiques that my crit partners have sent me. (More about their awesomeness later)

I need to know if there are others out there like me!
Do you have a a ton of documents saved for each book you write?


  1. Not NEARLY that many. I think the most is ten. BUT i will say that I've been sorry several times that I hadn't saved EVERY version of particular stories. Also, it scares me to death that I'll get them mixed up. I'm crazy when it comes to highlighting documents, b/c I do NOT want to accidentally send the wrong one off!

  2. I think I'm at about 25 with my current work in progress and less with Growing Up Gracie. Do you ever go back to a previous version?

  3. I take parts from previous versions all the time. I'll usually cut a scene if it just isn't moving the plot forward, but in that 5000 words of writing, there is usually a line or two (or paragraph or two if I'm lucky) that is perfect, and exactly what I need, that I can stick somewhere else. Brenna's first five or six journal entries are from the original draft of Falling that I ended up chopping up and moving around.


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