Friday, May 13, 2011

You I Mist!

I think I've mentioned before that my oldest son has Down Syndrome and he has several health problems that go along with this. Because of some recent surgeries he's had, he's missed school and church for over a month. His classes in each made him a book of notes (without knowing that the others were making them) and I received both of them this week.

I wish my scanner wasn't such a pain so that I could scan in the cute little drawings, but what really got to me were the notes that these five and six year olds wrote to my son. He can't understand most of the words but I do. I read through every note and looked at every picture.

The power of a few words is incredible. Some notes say: We love you. You are very strong. You are fun. You are the best. I missed you for a long time. I wish you were not sick. And about 25 more messages for my son.

Then I got to the one that somehow got to me the most.

You I Mist.

Three words. Not spelled correctly. Not good sentence structure. But jam-packed with emotion.

And in those three words, my heart went out to this class who has learned this year that kids their age can get sick and need surgeries and struggle to talk and walk and eat and be like them. And still, they love my son for who he is.

This is part of writing. Finding these emotions and these words with powerful meanings and the people behind the words, and connecting. Connecting in a way that makes a 27 year old mother of a special little boy cry. Connecting in a way that draws us in and makes us feel something. Connecting in a way that reminds us that despite all of our differences, we can still come together through the power of a few words.


  1. I love this post, Kaylee! So adorable! My husband's little brother has Down's Syndrome also....such sweetness he brings to our lives!


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