Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too Many Good Books

A few nights ago at book club we got to talking about good books that we've read. Someone mentioned the book Rebecca, and when I said that I hadn't read that one, she told me that I would probably love it. Luckily for me, I already own that book.

So my sis-in-law turns to me and says, "How many books do you own that you haven't read?" I laughed and didn't really need to answer because she knows me well enough to already know that I own a lot of books I haven't read yet. But I will. Eventually.

Here's my problem (well, I don't really think it's a problem, but my husband might argue that point): There are too many good books out there, and I want to read them all. So if I'm at the bookstore and I see a book that's been on my tbr list for a while, I snatch it. If I see a book that's a really good deal, I find a place for it on my shelf. If I see a book that just has a really awesome cover, I'm totally suckered in and I buy it.

Then they sit on the shelf until I can finally get to them. I have an entire shelf devoted to books that I haven't read yet, but it just keeps growing because I give precedence to the books I check out from the library since those ones actually have due dates.

I won't even get into the unread books on my Kindle.

It's my goal, though, to start working through my shelf. I pulled Rebecca off of it today and set it on my night table (below the five other books already there) so that it is in the queue. Thing is, I know me. Next time I'm in the bookstore, I'm not going to be able to resist buying something to add to my shelf in hopes that someday, eventually I'll find the time to read it.

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  1. I can't believe I didn't see this post on here. This is SO me. Lately I either burn through a book in one afternoon, OR It takes me more than a week to read it because I'm working on several at once.

    And yeah, don't even get me started on the kindle books. It's like - ok - they're here, just waiting for me. I can read something else first =)


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