Monday, January 31, 2011

Am I Meg?

I have been getting this question lately. And people aren't meaning the beautiful girl on the cover (I wish), but they mean my character, Meg Sanders.

On the one hand, this is a really flattering question. It's cool that Meg's story seemed so real that it could be based off of my life. And, I really enjoyed writing about Meg. I wouldn't mind people thinking that I was like her.

On the other hand, I have my own stories and trials and personality (and husband and kids) and don't want people mistaking me for my fictional character! Meg has quite a life... just not my life. :)

Since I just got this question again this weekend, I've decided that you all need to know more about me and you can decide which part of myself I'm putting into my various characters.

Today's tidbit:
Although I've been telling my husband our entire marriage (6+ years) that I love camping, I have in fact proved that I am a city girl the two times he's braved taking me out with him.

Camping trip #1
Peed on myself. Three times. Girls were not meant to squat. For anyone who wants to argue, look at the evidence above. Three. Times.

Did not sleep at all. Every noise was for sure a bear coming to eat me and therefore deprive my children of their mother.

Woke my husband up at least a dozen times. "Are you asleep?" "Did you hear that?" "Are you asleep now?" "Can you shine a light so I can go to the bathroom?" "Oh, man, I peed on myself again. Do you have a change of pants I can borrow?" "Can we switch sleeping bags. Yours must be more comfortable because you can actually sleep." etc.

Camping trip #2
Husband brought bucket with toilet seat. (Yes, I was mocked by our friends. Yes, I was glad to have it anyway.)

Air mattress lost most of its air in the night.

Had to go to the bathroom, didn't have my contacts in, so I tripped over the cot, got up, tripped over it again, and crashed out of the tent. But at least I didn't pee on myself.

Brought kids this time, ages 5, 3, 1. It was about 20 degrees outside. Too cold for this AZ girl and her kids. The kids (and me for a while) spent most of the morning in the SUV with the heater on, watching Ice Age 3 while husband broke camp.

Then the bees came out. I can't even describe to you how much I hate bees.

Needless to say, my husband does not believe me anymore when I tell him I love camping. I don't think I even believe myself.

***Update: I just got an email from an agent yesterday that started out: "Dear Meg..." I think I'm going to start developing a complex soon!


  1. This is hysterical.
    I actually DO like camping, but not with teeny kids. We'll brave it again this summer, now that they're 4 and 7.

  2. that is too funny. i have so many horrible squatting stories that i now have a phobia of the event entirely. there's no way to come out on the other side dry!
    as for people thinking you are meg... i get that all the time about my main character too. hopefully as we continue to write more books people will start to see that we actually have an imagination and aren't just trying to write a book about ourselves! :)

  3. kaylee! i saw the big news about you being a finalist for the whitney awards! i was so happy you made it! congrats!

  4. Thanks, Natalie! I'm really excited.


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