Thursday, December 2, 2010

The book is in!!

My mother-in-law just called to let me know that she got Meg's Melody in the mail today!! She ordered it from Amazon, and it is already there. She is possibly the first person to see it. (I haven't even seen it yet!!) But she assures me that it looks awesome. I am so excited to get the copy of my book and actually hold it in my hands. Here's hoping I get my shipment of books soon!


  1. Oh wow, you didn't get to be the first person to see your book! At least it was your mother, so that's special. :) It will be SO COOL when you see your book, I bet. A great Christmas present!

  2. YAY !! Congrats!! Hope you get to see it soon!

  3. How exciting!
    And also how crazy is it that you didn't see it first??


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