Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daughter of Mine Book Review

Daughter of Mine
By Laura Fabiani
4 stars
Contemporary, mystery, romance

Tiziana Manoretti is shocked when her parents reveal that she was adopted from a small orphanage in Italy. Against her father’s wishes, she decides to travel to Gaeta, Italy to try and find her birth parents. She hopes that the trip will also give her time to sort out how she feels about her best friend, Christopher—whom she has fallen in love with, but worries is still not over his ex-wife. On her first night in Italy, she meets the handsome and charming Gian-Carlo. He befriends her immediately and offers to help her on her quest to find her birth parents. She soon finds, though, that there is someone who wants to keep her from finding out the truth—someone who will go to great lengths to keep a twenty-eight year old secret hidden.

I enjoyed this novel. Ms. Fabiani describes Gaeta in such vivid detail, that I felt as though I had visited it. Tiziana is someone I would want to be friends with, someone I rooted for as she searched for her birth parents. It is a story that explores choices and consequences, family relationships, and the hope of love, and it kept me wanting to read more.

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  1. Kaylee, thanks for such a lovely review! I appreciate it.
    All the best,

  2. That is so important in making the novel work: the setting. I also felt I was in the city of Gaeta. Not only in the description of the city but of the people; the subtle nuances that makes Italy different from Germany or Finland. When the setting is done so well, as it was here, the "players" on the stage leave the stage and a new reality takes over and draws the reader in as well.


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