Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Lost Hours

by Karen White
4 stars
PG (intensity, adult themes)
mystery, women's fiction

Piper Mills' parents died when she was six and her grandparents raised her. While recovering from an equestrian related accident that leaves her terrified of horses, her grandparents die. Piper remembers an old box she helped her grandfather bury when she was twelve, so she unearths it and finds her grandmother's girlhood scrapbook and returned letters with her grandmother begging for someone named Lilian's forgiveness. Also in this box, there is a key that leads to a secret room in her house. Realizing that she never knew her grandmother, Piper decides to contact Lilian.

Lilian refuses to see Piper, unwilling to dredge up old memories, so Piper visits their horse ranch under a false name. As she begins to research her grandmother's life and get to know the aristocratic 90-year-old Lilian and her grandchildren, Helen and Tucker, she discovers a dark secret that tore three women apart and changed the course of their lives forever.

I stayed up late in the night to finish this book. At the heart of it, is Piper learning how to live again by researching her grandma's life. It made me want to call up my grandma and learn her story before it is too late. It is a happy and hopeful book that I became completely immersed in. I highly recommend this novel.

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