Saturday, October 10, 2009

The House on Tradd Street

by Karen White
5 stars
PG (action, inuendos)
Romance, Mystery

Melanie Middleton hates old houses, so she is not happy when an old man she barely knows leaves his old Charleston family house to her in hiswill. The will stipulates that she must live in the house for a year before she can sell it. She decides to move in, drawn in in by the house almost against her will. Then she starts to see people who aren't there, including an evil presence that wants her gone.

Jack Trenholm, a handsome writer, contacts her, wanting to write about her house in one of his new books. She agrees to let him, even though his play-boy attitude can get on her nerves. As they begin renovating the house, the discover the mystery of a loving mother who disappeared without a trace. As Jack and Melanie try to figure out what happened to her, they realize that more than one person would like to keep them from finding out, and will stop at nothing to keep them from the truth.

I could not put this book down. I love all of Karen White's books and this one was no exception. It had the perfect blend of romance, mystery, and beautiful prose that really made me feel like I was walking through the house on Tradd Street. I will definitely read it again and recommend it to my friends.

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