Friday, October 2, 2009

Interrred With Their Bones

by Jennifer Lee Carrell
4 stars
PG-13 intensity, murders
Mystery, Thriller

Kate Stanely is directing a production of Hamlet in London's famed Globe theatre when her estranged mentor, Rosalind Howard, visits her with a box and the cryptic direction to open it and follow where it leads. That night the Globe is set on fire and Rosalind is found dead, murdered by poision in the same manner as Hamlet's father. Kate then opens the box and discovers a mystery as old as Shakespeare that leads her to chase clues through London, Cambridge, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

At her heels is a theatric killer, recreating several famous murders from Shakespeare's plays, who will stop at nothing to keep Kate from discovering the secret. With the help of Ben, someone sent to protect her, she explores who Shakespeare really was, clues he left in his plays, and if perhaps he wrote one more play that is hidden to the world.

I really liked this novel. Once the mystery began I had a hard time putting it down. It really gets into Shakespeare and his plays (two things that I love) and effectively intertwines a story that spans history and links to the present. At times it read like a history book and some of the lengthy descriptions of certain historical figures could pull me out of the action. Ms. Carrell gives an intelligent and plausable basis for her mystery and I would highly recommend reading this.

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